a) Name and address of the head office of the trader or organization or the name and permanent address of the individual:
    Head office address: 116 Trung Liet Ward, Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi City, Vietnam
    b) Phone number, email address or another online contact method:
    Phone number:
    Support: [email protected]
    “Service” – The service provides Zaki Customer Care and Information Management Platform running under the domain name http://zaki.com.vn/
    “Website” – Electronic information page when accessing the address http://zaki.com.vn/
    “Content” – Images, icons, articles, videos posted on Website, Application
    “Account Holder” – The original registrant; or admin account holder; or someone who accesses the store account with an admin account.
    “Admin Account” – The admin account is created first when the account holder registers the Zaki User store on the Zaki Website
    “Zaki User” – Is a person who registers, creates an account, uses Zaki’s software on the Zaki Website and has been accepted by Zaki for such registration such as: Account holder or employees assigned to the account by the account holder. account access to the management account; those who visit and find out information on the website http://zaki.com.vn/
    “Zaki” – Information management and customer care platform Zaki
    “Third Party” – Customers, partners, suppliers of User Zaki .’s store
    “Store Data” – Data in electronic form stored on the store is restricted to access by an account set up by the account holder.
    “Features” – Features available and available on Zaki
    These Terms of Use apply to the use of Zaki products, the official version running on Zaki’s servers under the official domain name http://zaki.com.vn/. Zaki will maintain the website http://zaki.com.vn/ and its subdomains as a service provided to Zaki Users but not limited to individuals or organizations.
    Zaki may change, adjust these Terms of Use and publish on the system as soon as it is approved, Zaki Users can view updated information at any time at Zaki Website. If User Zaki continues to use the Service, it means that User Zaki accepts and definitely agrees to abide by the most updated Terms of Use.
    Any breach by a Zaki User of these terms and conditions may result in the suspension or termination of the Zaki User’s account, the Service, or other permitted activities under the Terms. use Zaki’s Services.
    The Zaki User’s choice to use the Zaki Website means that the Zaki User agrees to comply with the terms, policies, and service agreement published on the Zaki Website. In addition, when using specific Zaki Services, Zaki Users are subject to the individual terms and conditions applicable to each of those Services from time to time.
    The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms of Use for any reason shall affect only that invalidated provision and shall not affect the validity of such provision. of the remaining terms. If there is a discrepancy between these Terms of Use and other Zaki Service Use Agreements, the most recent shall prevail.
    Zaki users themselves ensure that the device is in network condition when it comes to accessing the latest business data.
    Zaki provides a platform with information management and customer care support features for Zaki Users, so Zaki does not interfere and is not responsible for any content of Zaki Users’ business activities. such as: Users of Zaki Users, goods, quality of goods that Zaki Users are doing business with… as well as Zaki is not responsible for any claims from Zaki Users or Third Parties reflecting about the content. Zaki User’s sales activity.
    Zaki Users must acknowledge and accept that Zaki Users are responsible for using Zaki’s Services for business within the framework of the applicable laws and Vietnamese customs. Zaki users must not use Zaki’s services to perform actions that may affect the legitimate rights and interests of Zaki, the community or the interests of any agency, organization or individual. , for example: Propagate depraved content, oppose the state, distribute spam and or send unwanted information to other organizations and individuals in the system in any form, trade goods on the list of goods banned from trading….
    Zaki reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or block User Zaki’s right to continue accessing the platform to Zaki’s service system when there are grounds or signs of suspicion that Zaki Users have signs of breaking the law, there are reports or complaints from a Third Party about Zaki that reflect negatively on User Zaki’s business or any Zaki User’s activities while using the Zaki Website that Zaki considers potentially harmful. affect the safety of Zaki, the legitimate rights and interests of the community, other agencies, organizations and individuals.
    Then, in order to continue using the platform, Zaki has the right to ask Zaki Users to provide information to verify and/or make a commitment to be able to continue using the service. In case the incident is found to be of a serious nature, Zaki has the full right to ask for the intervention of competent state agencies and specialized functional units to ensure Zaki’s legitimate rights and interests. as well as the community.
    Zaki reserves the right to suspend or completely terminate the provision of the service without refunding any costs to Zaki Users in the following cases:
    a) Zaki users use the Zaki platform for any purpose/form that violates Vietnamese law, especially on software copyright issues, songs, etc.
    b) Zaki users send, create links or transit for data that is illegal, threatening, deceptive, hateful, misleading, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, offensive, etc. or other forms prohibited by Vietnamese law in any way.
    c) Zaki users store or transmit any data that constitutes or encourages criminal forms; or data that violates intellectual property laws (patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights or any other rights…) or infringes on the rights of any individual.
    d) Zaki users use the website to destroy another website.
    d) Zaki users use programs that can clog or slow down the system, such as exhausting system resources, overloading the processor and memory.
    e) Zaki users use their website or account to illegally infiltrate other websites or influence other Zaki users of Zaki.com.vn.
    f) Zaki users are attacked by a third party, seriously affecting Zaki’s system. In case of attack Zaki will suspend Zaki User’s website in the system, localize the processing and will put it into normal operation after fixing the problem.
    g) Zaki users have other violations that the competent state agencies require to close the website.
    h) Zaki users fail to pay fees on time.
    i) Zaki users have behavior that affects the reputation and brand of Zaki in the mass media.
    k) The case mentioned in Section 5 of these Terms of Use about Fair Use.
    l) Other cases prescribed by law.
    m) Zaki users who are not registered but have no activity on the Zaki platform for more than a year
    a) Use of common areas:
    Zaki Users understand and accept that they have the right to manage, exploit and use the Common Areas on the Zaki Website at Zaki’s sole discretion and review, and any requests made by Zaki Users regarding the use of the Common Areas on the Website. Zaki for the sole purpose of Zaki Users may be charged in addition to the initially announced service fee.
    b) Use of a private area
    Zaki users have full rights to use the password protected Private Area for their activities. Zaki does not interfere with and is not responsible for the actions of Zaki Users affecting data and information on the Private Area. Any claim arising in the use of the Private Area that is not covered by the original commitment may be charged.
    c) Access to private area
    User Zaki understands and accepts that Zaki has the right to access Zaki User’s private area in one of the following cases:
    Approved by User Zaki
    Zaki users request for the purpose of using support, troubleshooting
    At the request of a state agency, the Court… in accordance with the law
    In an emergency situation, to prevent unauthorized entry or destructive attack from the outside.
    User Zaki understands and accepts that User Zaki does not have the right to request access to Zaki’s private area, other Zaki Users’ private areas, Service, System and Website administration administration areas.
    Website Zaki is copyrighted by Lefko Joint Stock Company.
    Therefore, all content at Website http://zaki.com.vn/ is owned by Lefko. Zaki allows Zaki Users to view, download and print the following:
    The content has been made public by Zaki on the Website
    The content of the information is owned by User Zaki . himself
    When using the information at the Zaki Website, Zaki Users need to cite the source from the Website in accordance with the regulations, only using it for non-profit purposes.
    Except as otherwise permitted, Zaki Users are not permitted to copy, adapt or re-use the Zaki Website Content without Zaki’s prior written permission. Zaki users can contact: [email protected] for support when they need to use the above Contents. In case of approval by Zaki, Zaki User must ensure that Zaki User’s use of information obtained from Zaki User’s Zaki Website does not violate the rights and interests of other individuals/organizations and must Specify the source from http://zaki.com.vn/.
    Fees for using the Platform are calculated according to the package and the number of accompanying services is specified in detail in the Zaki Customer Care and Information Management Platform Purchase Contract.
    Zaki users can change the service package Zaki is using when needed.
    Zaki users can pay for the service package by depositing money into the payment account on the Zaki Website in the form of bank transfer or cash as prescribed.
    Zaki users cannot withdraw funds deposited into the payment account on the Zaki website.
    Please see Zaki’s Privacy Policy at the privacy policy page of the Zaki website.
    Zaki users are responsible for immediately notifying Zaki when detecting problems, actively coordinating with Zaki so that Zaki can fix the problem for Zaki Users as soon as possible. In the event of an incident involving a Third Party, it is the responsibility of the Zaki User to coordinate with the relevant parties to resolve it. Users of Zaki understand and accept that, in all cases, Zaki always tries to support and remedy, however Zaki will not be responsible for damages arising from delays in failure to notify or conceal information user Zaki’s problem.
    After handing over the service administration parameters to the user, Zaki is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of User Zaki’s information on the Zaki user’s website. At the same time, Zaki is not responsible for and indemnifies Zaki users and third parties for direct, indirect, unintentional, intangible, profit, revenue, reputational damages. arising from the use of Zaki’s products and services after Zaki has been handed over to Zaki Users.
    Zaki certainly will not bear any responsibility or liability for the consequences of unauthorized access to the server, the Zaki Website; Zaki User’s equipment and data or Zaki User’s personal data for accidents, illegal vehicles, Third Party equipment, and other causes beyond Zaki’s control.
    As a condition of using this Website, Zaki Users agree that Zaki, its employees, member organizations, shareholders, agents, and suppliers shall not be liable to any Third Party for any loss of profits, business opportunities or damages, costs incurred directly or indirectly as a result of connecting to the Zaki Website or using other Zaki Services.
    Zaki also will not bear any responsibility or liability for the quality of products, services, information of Third Party Websites/Applications linked to Zaki Website. In addition, Zaki Users also understand that, Zaki has no responsibility and authority to confirm, certify information and quality of services and products or compensate for damages related to Zaki Users’ use of the service. Services and products advertised on Third Party Websites/Apps. Zaki recommends that Zaki Users should learn about partners carefully before promoting cooperation to avoid unwanted damage. Zaki neither warrants nor is responsible for the business results of Zaki Users after using the service.
    The Zaki Website and accompanying features of the Platform are provided on an “as-practice” basis. Zaki will not guarantee that our Platform will always be available, always usable, never interrupted, on time, free of errors by incidents such as: Hackers, Internet outages on a large scale. wide…. However, Zaki and Zaki’s employees will commit to doing their best under all conditions and to the best of their ability to ensure that Zaki’s Website and Services are available for use at all times. Zaki is committed to working hard to remedy the disruption and to provide adjustments, repairs, and support where possible for speedy system recovery.
    Zaki users can access and look up the manual right on the Zaki User Guide page. However, Zaki may not provide Zaki Users with any printed instructions for use. The user manual will be sent by Zaki with the account confirmation email right after the Zaki User registers an account successfully.
    a) Method of receiving inquiries and complaints
    Any comments, questions, complaints, Zaki users please send them to Zaki by the following methods:
    Send email to: [email protected]
    Or contact us directly:
    Head office address: 116 Trung Liet Ward, Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi
    Depending on the complexity of the complaint, Zaki will have a corresponding processing time. Complaint settlement results will be notified to Zaki Users, in case of necessity, Zaki can invite complainants to work directly. Zaki will make every effort to always resolve the complaints of Zaki Users as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect and mutual benefit.
    b) During the use process, if there is a dispute between the user and Zaki, the two parties will negotiate and negotiate in a spirit of friendship. In the event that the settlement cannot be resolved by conciliation, it will be submitted to the Hanoi Economic Court for settlement.