Grateful to life for introducing us to these fantastic educators.
They aren’t just the teachers who journeyed alongside us through years of schooling, but also those who guided us through the initial lessons of life, teaching us about both failure and success in every stage of life…
And on the occasion of November 20th, IKKA wishes to extend a special offer to honor these remarkable individuals!
⚡ Program details: #Get_an_immediate_11%_discount on the entire invoice
⚡ Duration: Applicable for three days: November 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2023
⚡ Target audience: Open to all customers
IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku
Nhà hàng đầu tiên và duy nhất chính thức của Miyazakigyu tại Việt Nam – nhà vô địch Olympic Wagyu Thế Giới
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