IKKA: The appeal of Japanese cuisine with “whole beef” of the Miyazakigyu brand

Omakase tại IKKA – hành trình trải nghiệm tinh hoa ẩm thực Nhật Bản cùng chuyên gia

When referring to Wagyu, not many Vietnamese diners know about Miyazakigyu – the Olympic Wagyu Champion for 20 years in a row. IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant in Hanoi is a pioneer in providing culinary experiences with this premium beef.

Why Miyazakigyu?

Miyazakigyu, or Wagyu Miyazaki beef, is a famous brand for Wagyu cattle farms in the Miyazaki region of southern Japan. For 20 years in a row, Miyazakigyu won the Champion position at the World Wagyu Olympics. Prestigious contest is held to find the best Wagyu meat.

With limited meat output exploited from livestock farms, Miyazakigyu is very “picky” about distributors in markets outside Japan. Therefore, diners in Vietnam have not had much access to Miyazakigyu.

In recent years, Wagyu beef (Japanese black beef) has been welcomed by the Vietnamese market as a premium, nutritious and healthy food. But only true gourmets know what standard Japanese Wagyu beef is and how to choose the best quality Wagyu beef. Those who have researched about Wagyu and Miyazakigyu was excited to know that there is a restaurant in Hanoi that supplies whole cows of this brand, importing meat from Japanese farms to the table.

IKKA: The appeal of Japanese cuisine with "whole beef" of the Miyazakigyu brand
The certificate of the direct distributor of Miyazakigyu beef is solemnly hung at the restaurant’s reception counter (Photo: wagyuikka.vn)

Officially opened in mid-July 2023, IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant (commonly known as IKKA, 2 lane 118 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Cau Giay district, Hanoi) can serve 100 customers at the same time. IKKA prides on being a pioneer in offering a full menu of meat on a Miyazakigyu beef.

Each Miyazaki beef weighs about 500kg, of which the sirloin is only 30kg. So the restaurant is not surprised when this piece of meat becomes the most sought-after delicacy by customers. Besides, other meats are also introduced very delicately so that diners can gradually discover the full flavor of the prestigious Olympic champion Wagyu.

Enjoy “whole beef” Miyazakigyu at IKKA in Japanese standard style

In order to bring the full experience of Miyazakigyu beef ingredients, the dishes at IKKA included in the menu feature outstanding Japanese cuisine.

In order to bring the full Miyazakigyu beef experience, the dishes on IKKA’s menu introduce outstanding features of Japanese cuisine.

IKKA’s sushi and yukke showcases raw Wagyu beef, while rice and noodles offer cooked Wagyu for busy diners who still want a delicious meal.

But the highlight, really the most classy that makes customers satisfied and come back many times is the style of serving yakiniku. A yakiniku meal at IKKA is a journey to discover Japanese-style barbecue, often called “Japanese BBQ” by international diners.

Không gian phục vụ yakiniku tại tầng 2 của nhà hàng (Ảnh: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)
The space serving yakiniku on the 2nd floor of the restaurant (Photo: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)

Diners who are used to eating Wagyu beef can immediately choose their favorite meat. Guests who want to fully experience Wagyu Miyazaki beef often order combo menus for their groups. From the way the meat is sliced, to the presentation of the dish, to the way the grill staff at the table serves the famous Japanese omakase.

The IKKA restaurant space has three floors, which are flexibly designed to serve a variety of customers, from traveling alone to groups of friends and family. There are also VIP rooms for groups of guests who want to party in a private room.

In particular, a VIP room has a stone counter table as a small stage for the chef to demonstrate grilling and serve guests sitting at the counter. A luxurious and modern private space that reminds you of the familiar Teppanyaki style but has its own distinctive Yakiniku features.

Giám đốc ẩm thực Masatoshi của IKKA đích thân phục vụ khách dùng tiệc Wagyu tại phòng riêng (Ảnh: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)
IKKA Culinary Director Masatoshi personally serves Wagyu guests in private rooms (Photo: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)

IKKA also has a Japanese expert who is regularly present at the restaurant, Mr. Masatoshi holds the role of Culinary Director. This is a very important location to ensure the full quality of service, from the food and drinks brought out to the atmosphere of enjoyment of the guests.

It can be seen that IKKA restaurant (invested and managed by Infinite Creation JSC.) has brought a friendly and luxurious space with a sophisticated service attitude. Thereby, serving premium Wagyu beef to diners in Hanoi. Coming here, you can clearly feel the joy of fully enjoying the value of each meal, to understand that is the reason Japanese cuisine conquers the world.

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