For the first time in Hanoi, “Nomihodai” with IKKA


For the first time in Hanoi, “Nomihodai” with IKKA

Festival season is here, a time for gatherings, cozy evenings at familiar spots, sharing stories by the fiery grill accompanied by favorite drinks.

This year, IKKA introduces the Japanese “Nomihodai” culture to our beloved customers:

– “Nomihodai” – unlimited drinks for 2 hours.

– Valid until December 31, 2023

– Receive an additional voucher worth 150,000 VND when choosing one of the following two set menus

💥NOMI_PRO_798K Set: Special grilled dishes

💥NOMI_PROMAX_998K Set: Premium wagyu grilled dishes

*Applicable for groups of 4 or more.

This winter, let IKKA warm you and your family in a cozy atmosphere with an authentic Japanese grilling feast!