When knowing that Miyazakigyu beef is served at IKKA restaurant in Hanoi, not only Japanese, Korean, French diners... but also Vietnamese diners who are knowledgeable about wagyu also come.

Hanoi: Discover a restaurant serving the 20-year Olympic champion Wagyu beef brand

IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant

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When knowing that Miyazakigyu beef is served at IKKA restaurant in Hanoi, not only Japanese, Korean, French diners… but also Vietnamese diners who are knowledgeable about wagyu also come.

Famous for its marbled fat and its seductive aroma when put in the mouth, Wagyu beef (Japanese black beef) is loved by gourmets around the world. When it comes to standard Japanese Wagyu beef, Vietnamese people used to mainly know Kobe beef.

But the international culinary world has long paid attention to the Miyazakigyu brand – World Wagyu Olympic Champion for 20 consecutive years. After many years of waiting, gourmets can now enjoy this brand’s wagyu beef right in Hanoi.

IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant (No. 2 Lane 118 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Cau Giay District, Hanoi) has just officially opened and has attracted customers by providing a menu full of Miyazakigyu beef portions.

Giám đốc ẩm thực Masatoshi của IKKA đích thân phục vụ khách dùng tiệc Wagyu tại phòng riêng (Ảnh: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)
IKKA Culinary Director Masatoshi personally serves Wagyu guests in private rooms (Photo: IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku)

Wagyu is also a nutritious food that provides many vitamins, iron and especially natural trans fats that are good for health. Therefore, women who like to eat beef always choose Wagyu beef to supplement nutrients, eat delicious food while still maintaining their figure. Many beauties have come to IKKA since the first days of opening.

IKKA in Japanese means “home” and diners can clearly feel the “home” quality here. Miyazakigyu beef is prepared by IKKA in famous traditional Japanese ways. The service style is also very sophisticated, taking care from the meal atmosphere to the comfort of the guests.

IKKA’s dish presentation also helps customers fully enjoy the value and nutrition of Miyazakigyu beef ingredients as well as the Japanese dining style. Customers can order individual dishes (à la carte), order menus pre-selected by the chef (combo), or choose a set according to their own needs.

IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant
Culinary space on the second floor of IKKA (Photo: wagyuikka.vn)

It can be seen that the restaurant space is optimally designed to serve yakiniku, which means BBQ at a Japanese table. You will also find that Wagyu beef must be cut, sliced and presented according to specific standards for each type of meat. Raw vegetables, salads, and grilled vegetables are also prepared and brought out in a certain order.

With raw dishes, IKKA’s menu includes Wagyu sushi, Wagyu yukke. If customers are afraid of eating raw food but still want to explore these dishes, they can ask the staff to “light” the fire right at the table so that the meat is cooked to medium rare.

Many beauties choose private rooms at IKKA to enjoy Miyazaki Wagyu beef (Photo: Wagyuikka.vn)
A cute “Wagyu birthday cake” is made for guests in the blink of an eye. (Photo: Provided by the restaurant)

Exploring the menu, you can see other very “home” fast food dishes such as: grilled beef rice, traditional Udon noodles, Tantan ramen noodles, seaweed soup, spicy beef tendon soup… In addition, the restaurant also serves a number of dishes specifically for vegetarians and children. In particular, IKKA also offers dishes for customers’ special occasions, such as “Wagyu birthday cake”, “Anniversary Wagyu cake”.

With sophistication emanating from premium ingredients to the menu, from space to service, IKKA becomes a true “home”, a place for diners of all ages to enjoy a Japanese meal together.

Customers come to enjoy Miyazaki beef because it is a nutritious super food. Therefore, IKKA also opened the website Wagyuikka.vn with articles providing thorough advice on menus and specific nutritional information from Miyazaki’s standard Wagyu beef.

Wagyu Yukke tại IKKA
Wagyu Yukke, a gift for guests dining at IKKA during the Mid-Autumn Festival (Photo: Provided by the restaurant)

Customers who understand high-class cuisine are also very satisfied when choosing “omakase” – a form of upscale Japanese cuisine where guests do not need to order but let the chef freely serve food until the guest wants to finish the meal. Mr. Masatoshi, IKKA’s culinary director, said that the restaurant can serve omakase with top quality Wagyu beef dishes thanks to importing “whole cows” from Miyazaki farms from Japan to Hanoi. Noi.

Miyazakigyu beef – World Wagyu Olympic Champion, brought to customers by IKKA with a luxurious, sophisticated but also warm and friendly style.

On special holidays, IKKA (invested and managed by Infinite Creative Joint Stock Company) also offers creative and attractive culinary gifts. For example, a special edition gold-plated Wagyu Tataki was given to guests who came to dine during the September 2 holiday. During this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, from September 3 to September 30, IKKA will also give guests a unique Wagyu Yukke Moon Cake shaped like a cake.


IKKA Wagyu Yakiniku - Japanese Restaurant
Address: No.118 Nguyen Khanh Toan street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Website: wagyuikka.vn
Facebook: ikka118nguyenkhanhtoan

Booking number: (+84) 78 2345 998